Building skills in Rwanda's hospitality & tourism sector

About Hanga Ahazaza

Hanga Ahazaza, meaning ‘create the future’ in Kinyarwanda, is a new initiative designed to increase employment opportunities for 30,000 Rwandan youth over the next five years. The initiative, from the Mastercard Foundation, is focused on the Hospitality and Tourism sector. 

Hanga Ahazaza is supported by a collection of partners from the education, development, and private sectors. Working together, they will support small businesses and entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality sector through increased access to financial services, training and by providing young people with tools to develop the skills needed to be successful employees.

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Initiative objectives




Expand access to financial inclusion, financing tools, and business development skills to grow competitive, small enterprises in the Tourism and Hospitality sector value chain.

Improve the capabilities between key stakeholders, including sector skills councils, tourism organizations, the Workforce Development Authority, Rwanda Development Board, and more!

Increase employment for young people, strengthen linkages between training and the participants needs, and improve the pipeline of employees through quality, relevant training and certification.

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