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If you are working in the Hospitality and Tourism sector and are making the transition into a supervisory role (or have the ambition to move in to one of these roles), AMI can offer you the opportunity to build your management skills and capabilities. 

This world-class training programme, Inspiring Managers, will help you gain the skills you need to progress your career! You will attend workshops, complete online courses, and practice the skills you need to be successful in your career.

Fill out the application form and we’ll send you an email with information on how the rest of the application process works.

Inspiring Managers

For Participants

Learn new skills to better manage people.


Improve enjoyment and sense of success at work.



Get exposure to the ‘best practice’ people management in the sector.


Become aware of growth opportunities and potential career path in the H&T sector.



Adopt a learning & growth mindset.

Understand the underlying reasons behind current challenges in supervising and managing people.

Benefits for learners

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